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Holiday Survival Guide

Tis the holiday season!

The holiday season comes with joy, family, great food, and all of the festivities of the holidays.

For most of us, we envision the holidays to look something like this…

However, when the holidays really role around, it ends up more like this…

We have all done it, no judgement here.

But being in the health and fitness industry, we hear it all the time, “This is the worst part of the year for me…I always gain 10 lbs.” or they come in the new year, wishing they didn’t let their health take a backseat.

Every time this cycle happens, it becomes harder and harder to get that health back, or to lose that weight…AGAIN.

It is said, that the average American gains about 7-10 lbs. during the holidays. That’s crazy!!!

Think, if there was just a simple trick to enjoy your holidays, all the while not let the holidays overtake our health and well-being…

Oh wait, there is!

Introducing the Holiday Survival Guide!

I want to show you a few simple tips and strategies so that you can “survive the holidays”. This means you can enjoy your holiday favorites, while still keeping your health a priority. Having your apple pie, and eating it too essentially.

So we can still walk into the holidays like this…

And not have to worry as much about it.

Here is our RAW Fitness’ 5 Tips to Survive The Holidays, and stop that weight gain during the holidays.

Holiday Survival Tip #1:

Follow this Plate building suggestion

What this means is to fill half of your plate up with veggies, I know that the holidays may not come with the best options for veggies at times, but this is still a good guideline to follow. These veggies could be, salad, green beans etc.

Then you will try and fill 1/4 of the plate with a protein source like turkey or ham. If you have a vegan/vegetarian, you could do something more like a sweet potato here.

Then that leaves a 1/4 of the plate to then fill with your favorite “guilty pleasure”, that may be grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, or a combo of a couple things but smaller portions to fit in the 1/4 section of the plate there.

This is an awesome guideline, as it still has health as a priority and ensures you get protein and fiber to help keep you full and satiated, however, it still allows you some freedom so that you can still enjoy some of your favorites, with out feeling like this….

Holiday Survival Tip #2:

Do a quick workout that day.

When we do a workout, our body will utilize things like blood sugar in the body. This is important as when we go to eat some of those pies and other sweets, it makes it so that the damage isn’t as bad.

A great option is a strength training total body workout, or some interval training. (Both of which we implement here at RAW Fitness).

Holiday Survival Tip #3:

Eat before you go.

This is more of a just in case option, if you the party you are headed to, doesn’t offer the greatest of options, sometimes it can help to have something before you leave so that you are not starving when you show up.

Something simple like a salad, or small handful of nuts, hardboiled egg, or a protein shake works well in these situations.

Holiday Survival Tip #4:

Drink Lots of Water.

Drinking lots of water, will not only flush out any toxins etc. from the poor foods, but it will also keep you hydrated and have a sense of feeling more full so that you are less advantageous to overeat.

Holiday Survival Tip #5:

Eat slowly.

When we take at least 15-20 minutes to eat our meals, this will allow the digestive system the time to realize it has eaten enough food. It will also psychologically, let your body savor the food you are eating and will give you the sense of being more content.

If you can implement these 5 Survival Tips this holiday season, you will be heading into the new year feeling like…

Happy Holidays from everyone here at RAW Fitness!

P.S. If you want more then just a guideline this holiday season to get on track with your health and fitness goals, Check out our 21 Day Metabolic Re-Boot Program. It is the perfect accountability program to keep you on track during the holiday season, and a heads up on reaching your goals, well before the new year.

Check out and apply today for our 21 Day Metabolic Re-Boot Program!

You can reach out for more info at the bottom of the linked page.

Happy Holidays,
Your Raw Fitness Team.
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