What Our Members Are Saying


I hated the feeling that I couldn’t do it or that I would be missing out on something. That was a big reason I started working with Danny. I was sick of feeling lazy and depressed.Your program helped me feel as if I could really make a difference and make a change. Not only have I lost over 30+ lbs, but I exercise most days now.

Lisa S.

Working out with RAW Fitness has been the best. I dropped 16lbs and decreased my body fat percentage by 4%. I have also lost 6 inches from my waist line. Thanks Danny!

Lauri W.

I have joined several gyms over the years and I finally feel like I am at the place I belong. Danny and his crew really care about your success and no where else have I gotten the nutrition education that I have while being a part of RAW. I love the circuit based workouts and they will always help you if you require any type of modification. You will see all body types and ages which is much different than my experience at other places where it seems to be a fashion show and pick up joint! Give it a try, I promise you won’t be sorry

Gina S.

Danny and all of the trainers are incredible. They put a plan together that works and have attainable, realistic goals. They are with you every step of the way. The encouragement and enthusiasm is second to none! Highly recommend this place!

Alyssa W.

Danny and the staff are positively wonderful! They put every effort into making your goals theirs by customizing programs to your needs and set you on a path to success and balance. Great environment of small classes, with simple but instense workouts geared toward circuit training. The results speak for themselves, worth every penny!

Brenda P..

RAW Fitness is so awesome! Danny and all of the trainers truly care about helping you in your fitness journey and make it fun in the process. If you have ever struggled with nutrition and fitness, give them a try ... it will be the best decision you will ever make.