Meet Your Coaches and Trainers

Danny Mullen

When it comes to helping people transform their lives, Danny has been doing it for the last 9 years. Danny has a unique Holistic approach to health and wellness; he has a tremendous passion to continue to learn the most in-depth information available to pass on to his clients. It has not always been easy… Danny has battled severe depression and addiction in his life. It wasn't until he found his new found passion for self improvement via health and fitness. He now passes that passion and knowledge that helped him overcome so many obstacles on to those he works with. One of Danny's Core Values, is to always strive for constant improvement, and he practices it everyday whether with himself, or his clients. When Danny is not studying in the classroom, taking courses, helping his clients reach their dreams, or speaking at different events and seminars, he loves to play golf and coach and play basketball, lift heavy weights, read, take courses on health, well-being, and personal development. His favorite time spent however, is spending time with his beautiful young family of his wife and 2-year-old daughter and new born son. You can reach out to Danny at

Steve Swan

Steve is a true coach at heart. He loves to coach people on becoming better then they were yesterday. Coaches football, basketball, and baseball at Lutheran High North in Macomb. 6 years coaching experience (5 at LHN, 1 at Chippewa Valley High School). Led strength and conditioning program at LHN for 4 years. Semi-pro football player for 5 years. Graduated from LHN in 2007 and from Grand Valley State University in 2011 with a degree in Sports Management. Semi pro quarterback/ receiver for 4 years

David Andrews

David Andrews is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. He graduated from Romeo High School where he was a three-year Varsity catcher on the school’s baseball team. Throughout his varsity career, he was awarded the team’s defensive MVP, and the team’s hardest working player. He was also awarded First Team All-District and Honorable Mention All-Conference. One of his former athletes is a semi-professional soccer player, in the United States as well as Italy. David, "What I like about coaching here: creating the bonds with the members, where we get to know each other and have fun; being more than just trainer/member. Hobbies outside of RAW: working out, cooking with my girlfriend, and spending time with my dog, rascal.".

Jordan Theut

Jordan Theut, is the newest member of the Raw Fitness family. "Currently I work part time here as well as at my family company Theut Products. In the future I hope to become involved in the medical world, either working as a pharmaceutical or medical salesman. I graduated from Michigan State university where I majored in kinesiology and minored in health and nutrition. Outside of work I like to stay active. My hobbies include hiking, biking and getting dubs in the video game Fortnite Battle Royal. I’ve enjoyed my time thus far at Raw Fitness because everyone is fun, welcoming and comes prepared to work. I plan to provide an energetic and entertaining class for all everyday." - Jordan.