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How to Own the Day

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How to Own the Day


How many times a day or week, do we sit here and say, “man I really just want things to be different” or I wish today went better, why does this always happen.” How often do we say this?

Well there is a lot that goes into our complicated lives, but if there is one thing I know, it is that our mindset, habits, and emotions trump all!

How you start your day, and your week is critical for setting the tone for your day/week.

Our very own Coach David, wanted to give you some insight on how you can improve your life, habits, and everything in between. How to make the most out of your day, and own each day.

I’ll pass it over to David…

How many times do we hear or say “I need to make some changes” and then see no changes occur?! The way we change our life, become more efficient, achieve more, etc. all starts with the first decision you make that day, and then the decision after that, and the one after that, and so on. We can’t focus on changing our lives or any other macro scale things in life, the devil is in the details…so we must first address the micro things!

There is a lot of power in what I call “stacking decisions”. Stacking decisions is when you a good decision so it influences your next decision to be good and it’ll continually effect the next decisions you make. Now you heard me say “good decision”, so what makes a good decision? Good is conditional on your life. If you’re someone who considers yourself as lazy, unmotivated, then “good decisions” should focus on accomplishing your tasks for the day, not procrastinating, etc.

If you’re someone who considers yourself an unhappy person, “good decisions” can be things like going to therapy appointments (if you see one), getting yourself moving when you want to dwell and drown in negativity, participating in daily self-care behaviors, etc.

You can just be an “average person” too! Utilizing what I’m about to tell you will help you live more efficient, happy, and fulfilling lives!

•Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier, wake up and get out of bed immediately! No snooze buttons, no just laying in bed for 10 minutes!

•In those extra 30 minutes, be sure to eat a full and healthy breakfast, and spend a few minutes talking to yourself: tell yourself positive affirmations about yourself, your life, and your family.

•Lastly in those extra 30 minutes, outline three core things that need to get done today. Essentially, if you got nothing else done today, you’d be happy that you at least got those three things done.

•Add three more things to that list that are “accessories”; it’d be awesome if they got done today, but if the core three take up the day, then get them done tomorrow!

•Now, it’s time to start “stacking those decisions”! You’ve already gotten some stacked, you woke up on time and with a purpose! Let’s make our next decision on that first core thing! And, once you consistently stack those decisions those core goals will be checked off the list! Sooner or later, things will be getting done in no time! You’ll be more organized and much happier!

•Important note: Core and accessory goals can be anything, from errands to meditation! It is your life! Address your needs!

Drop a comment, or email us if you have any questions!!

A quote to go along with this, by the man that motivated this post:

“SEE YOUR FUTURE I want you to imagine yourself a year from now. You know that in a year you are going to be different, whether you do nothing or something. And the choices you make between now and then will determine that difference. But for today, I want you to imagine owning all those other days. Visualize that you wake up with purpose and clarity. You push yourself against resistance. You take control of your diet and supplementation. You turn dead time into alive time. You work effectively and aren’t afraid to power down the engines to rest. You train your body into a durable, capable machine. You connect with yourself, your friends, and the universe. You turn sex into an adventure of pleasure. You go to sleep with a mission, and actually … sleep. Imagine what a year of living like that has done for you. Walk in the shoes of that new person. See yourself through that person’s eyes. Look in the mirror at that body. Maybe the circles under your eyes are gone, and that stubborn weight has lifted—mentally and physically. See what has happened in your career, and in your family. That person is you, on the other side of Resistance. If you see it clearly enough, it will be done.” – Aubrey Marcus

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