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The Best Supplements for Energy and Performance

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The Best Supplements for Energy and Performance

Raise your hand if you regularly wake up feeling groggy, hit a slump during the day, or just don’t have the energy during a workout…

We all deal with it, and it can be a struggle!

There are a lot of factors for why we may have low energy and performance.

Many of them can be attributed to lifestyle habits. However, we can always use a little bit of help!

So we put together our top supplements for improving energy and performance.

But before I get into those, there are a few things we want to make sure are in order before hand.

When it comes to low energy, we want to look at these lifestyle factors:

Are you getting at least 6-7 hours of consistent sleep?

Are we drinking at least 80 oz. of water, and preferably half your bodyweight in oz. of water?

Are we eating consistent meals through out the day? And including a protein at each of those meals?

Are we managing our stress?

These are some of the things we are helping people work on in our 21 Day Summer Body Re-Boot Program that you can find more about here:


But supplements can help this process as well.

There are a few supplements that we recommend regularly to help with increasing energy and performance.

BCAA’s – Bcaa’s are naturally occurring in protein sources, however, your body can not produce them naturally, so if you train hard, bcaa’s can give your muscles the fuel it needs to push it when you need to push, and aid in the recovery process. This helps aid your performance, but also overall energy levels if you have the fuel you need to perform.

2. Creatine – Similar to BCAA, creatine can be found in some protein sources, however, unlike BCAA, your body can produce a small amount on its own. Studies show that getting more then the 1 gram per day your body produces will help with performance in training. It acts as a energy source for your muscles, and may allow you to push it more then you would with out the creatine.

It generally works more for bursts of high intensity exercises as opposed to aiding in endurance based exercise.

3. Vitamin B (Especially B12) – Vitamin B12 is used in the energy production by the body, so if you are deficient in this vitamin, it will show itself in low energy levels.

B12 is even helpful in producing serotonin (your feel good hormone), so can also increase your mood.

4. Protein – Many people that train, struggle to get in adequate protein. Supplementing with a high quality plant based or Grass-fed whey based protein can help.

This will help fuel your muscles, which increases your metabolism, and allows you to recover quicker. This will result in better performance and enhance energy levels. Getting adequate protein will also help with blood sugar stabilization, and that will help with keeping energy levels more stable.

5. Greens Supplements/Whole Food Based Vitamins – Both greens supplements and whole food based vitamins are coming from natural sources and are coming fully equipped with many vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. This will ensure your body’s PH balance is more in line with where it should be, as well as ensure your body is getting all of its vital nutrients to function as best as it can.

This will turn into improved performance and improved energy because now the body has all of its nutrients needed to run all of its typical bodily functions.

6. CoQ10 – Is an enzyme found in the body. But as you age, CoQ10 starts to decline. This enzyme helps the cells of the body produce energy, and it is found in all cells of the body. It will also help produce ATP, which your body uses as an energy source for high intensity bouts of movement, along with many other benefits.

So there you have it!

Our top supplements that may help you get that kick you need to get off the couch and get that drive going again.

All of these supplements are natural, and have been show to be safe, as always consult with your doctor before starting any new supplements.

To go along with these supplements, don’t forget to look at the above mentioned sleep routine, managing stress, eating habits and deficiencies, and hydration levels as these are some of the most common causes of low energy.

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