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Post Summer Reset

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Post Summer Reset

Summer is awesome!

But…. It can really do a number on our health and wellness goals.

Drinks anyone?!?

I think wine and Titos is a staple in the summer for most 😂

And like the above meme explains so eloquently, getting that summer bod can take a lot of work, and unfortunately getting that winter bod can be a heck of a lot easier!

So with that said, we work with a lot of people on the post summer reset. It’s a time to start to get refocused on our goals. Kids are back to school, a little less traveling and temptations going around, it is the perfect time to hit the reset button.

We all know the benefits of getting into shape:

  • Improved mood and brain function
  • Improved blood pressure and blood sugar stabilization
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased muscle tone and bone density
  • Increased metabolism and energy production
  • And the list goes on and on…

So we created a simple cheat sheet for you to start working on getting back in shape after summer, even with a busy schedule. Here is our 12 step list for how to start to work on getting back in shape after summer. (remember, the goal is to start slow/small, you don’t have to go from 0-100. Chose what works for you on this list, and tackle that before moving on to the next):

  1. Prioritize and plan your time. Have a game plan for your week, don’t just go at it blind. Prioritize the most important things to do each week, and make sure it is non-negotiable, like your workout times.
  2. Make it a part of your routine/standards Set standards for yourself and your life. What would the “You” that you want to become act like? Would they miss their workouts or not plan out their meals? Probably not. So chose a couple standards to set in place that these are the new ways in which you live out and act in your life, and this is just apart of who you are, again, non-negotiable.
  3. Make it fun Find a way to make exercise fun. Like here at RAW Fitness, our members love coming because it is fun, the trainers make it fun, the fun and supportive group makes it so much easier to want to come and get your workout in. Or, do something you enjoy doing, I love playing basketball, that doesn’t seem like working out to me.
  4. Do strength training Strength training is huge, no matter what your goal is, we all should be doing it. So if you are limited on time, make sure this is atop the priority list when it comes to working out.
  5. Make it convenient How can you make it as convenient as possible? Are you more susceptible to have something come up at 5 pm or 5 am? It may be easier (once you train yourself to wake up early), to get a more consistent routine by getting a workout in first thing in the morning.
  6. Focus on small wins and the little things We get it, working out and getting in shape isn’t always the most fun thing for people. So play a game with yourself, build confidence and enjoyment out of rewarding yourself for the small wins. Consistently working out for a whole month… sounds like a good reason to go on a shopping spree don’t you think?
  7. Progress > Perfection It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I know that is most of our though processes, but think of it more in terms of making daily/weekly progress, not about being perfect. Progress = long term results. Perfection = burn out.
  8. At home ideas Ex. During commercials do some squats, put weights somewhere you’ll pass them all the time, park further away at the grocery store, limit screen time for something more active.
  9. Start slow, but be efficient Having a coach walk you through what to do can really help. A lot of ppl waste time at the gym, and spend more time then they need to by doing a bunch of things that don’t do much for you, or walking around not knowing what to do. Hire a coach to help make this easier for you, and ensure your doing the most bang for your buck thing. Time is money! To keep it efficient, think intensity > duration
  10. Delegate What are some tasks you do regularly that interfere with you being able to get your workouts in, or prep some food for the week? Are there any on that list you can start to pass off to someone else and teach them how? I bet you there is plenty on your “laundry list” that you could pass off.
  11. Find a buddy/ accountability partner Find a friend that would benefit from this too. Or hire a coach to keep you accountable like we do here with our members.
  12. Don’t stress it! Keep it simple, do one thing at a time, and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go as planned. Just a heads up, it never does! Find a coach or some kind of support system to support you along the way, especially when life gets hectic and things are chaotic. We need someone in our corner to help. But stressing doesn’t help.

If you start with 1, or even a couple of these things, it can help get the ball rolling to getting back on track after the summer festivities.



If you’re ready for that Post Summer Reset, we have the perfect opportunity for you to reset your goals, and get the jumpstart you need.

Need accountability?

Need a structured and specialized nutrition program?

Need to do properly planned fat burning HIIT and Strength Training Workouts?

Need to blast that summer fat off like these two:


You can find out more info here:


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