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The Right Mindset

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The Right Mindset


When it comes to having the mindset of a champion, it really comes down to one critical factor....




If we can learn to keep a forward focused mindset, no matter what we are dealing with, and not give in to the overcoming situations around us, we will eventually get out of the funk, or overcome that obstacle, or reach that goal.


If we where to relate this to anything, let it be like a river of water.  Water will run into rocks, logs, people, etc. along it's path.  The water doesn't stop and pout, it doesn't give up because somethign got in it's way, it just takes the obstacle in stride, and keeps moving forward.


You see, everything in nature does the same.  If a tree doesn't have optimal sunlight, you know what it does?  It just leans a little bit over until it gets the enough sunlight.  Nature doesn't stop because there is an obstacle, they simply just keep moving forward in their journey.


So why do we as humans make it so complicated?  Why don't we work with nature and start to live freely and just trust that the process will take it's course, and as long as we have a goal or a place we are trying to go, and take action on that every day, no matter how big or small, that we will eventually get there, just like every other force in nature does.

Or think of a flower, does it sit there and point out all it's flaws of it's petals? Does it say, "you know what, I am not going to fully bloom and shine, because I am worried about how this petal looks."  Never!  The flower, and everything in nature, grows to its full potential and does what it needs to in order to not let obstacles, or conditions define its ability to grow and succeed in its effort of becoming what it is meant to become.


So, my question to you is, what can you do, starting now, to be more like nature, and just have the brush it off and keep moving forward mentality?  Expect that obstacles will arise, because they will, yet have the mindset of resiliency to just keep moving forward no matter what.

We get frustrated when things don't go as planned, and when obstacles arise.  But let me ask you, how many great successful people do you know, or have you read stories about, that didn't go through some types of trials and tribulations?

Obstacles are there for a reason, we may not like them, they may take us out of our rhythm, but obstacles are just apart of the journey.

They help for two reasons:

1. Obstacles help build strength, resiliency, and the "challenge muscle" to overcome anything that comes in your path.  Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times before he got the lightbulb right, luckily for us, he had the "challenge muscle" built up and full of resilience that I don't have to sit in the dark as I write this article! Obstacles are there to help us become better and stronger individuals so that we can grow and truly live out the life we want.  So bring on those obstacles, and take them as they come.

2. Obstacles give us the appreciation of what is good.  What I mean by that, is we live in a dualistic universe, for every down there is an equal up, for every dark there is light.  We could not have, or appreciate what is good in life, if we did not have the bad to compare it to.  If all we ever had was good, then it wouldn't really be good then would it?  Having the mindset that obstacles are there to help ups appreciate the good we do have, and that obstacles will arise no matter what, will really help ease some of the pain and discomfort during those times.

Once we can understand this approach, we then can open ourselves up to faith and gratitude, which is what we will discuss in our next part of this series.  

Homework this week, make the decision to be more resilient like you are designed to be, resiliency is a choice, what choice are you going to make?

Danny Mullen - Director, RAW Fitness

P.S. We are big on the mindset here at RAW, if you need some guidance on this, and need to get back into your routine and your head in the game, check out our 21 Day Re-Boot Program.  The perfect compliment to getting back into the game with your mind, body, and spirit.  Check it out: 21 Day Re-Boot Program 

P.S.S. I found another quick article that I think you may like about being more like nature and being resilient: https://psychcentral.com/blog/be-like-nature-bend-be-resilient/

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