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Maintain Your Motivation

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Maintain Your Motivation

This month we have been talking a lot about mindset.  If you have followed RAW for sometime now, you know we really believe in the power of a proper mindset in order to achieve success.  

At this stage in the year, it takes resiliency to keep up with our goals we set out for just a few short weeks ago. By now, I am sure we have ran into obstacles, had days we didn't feel like prepping healthy snacks, or getting to the gym.  That high level of motivation on January 1st, has probably subsided a little bit by now, as motivation never lasts.  

If you missed our part one of this mindset series to becoming more resilient, you can find it here: 


We dove into why obstacles can actually be a good thing in this process, and why accepting them as they come is an important factor in succeeding in life, and living a life of fulfillment.

Today, I want to go over how it is we want to keep that resiliency and help make this new attitude stick.  I created a little video on the Mindset of Success, you can see that here: https://youtu.be/kHgsHv6DfDI

When things "get in the way" in our life, what generally happens on the other side? A majority of the time, it always works out.  Things are generally fine after the fact.  Claiming on the old phrase, "This too shall pass." Is a great motto to live by when looking to become more resilient in our practice.

The phrase, "This too shall pass" is a great example of practicing our two critical emotional components of maintaining resiliency:

1. Faith

2. Gratitude

If you watched the video above on the Mindset of SuccessI went into how we create patterns of beliefs and habits based on things we developed from the first 7 years of life.  Our brains are like a sponge!  We soak everything up during this time period in our lives.  However, as we get older, our conscious brain is more dominant in our everyday living, and we are not as receptive to new behavioral changes.  

How we make these changes as we become older is through repetition.  Habitual focus on what it is we are trying to engrain within our daily habit patterns, is how we eventually change old beliefs and habits.  

But it is not just about repetitions, it is the right type of repetitions.  Having a sense of gratitude, and faith that, "this too shall pass" and that everything will turn out they way we want it to, is the key to maintaining our resiliency.

Faith and Gratitude for what we have done or accomplished thus far does a major thing for our mindset.  It gets us to retrain our focus onto what it is that we want, instead of what it is that we do not want.  This is a critical step in overcoming obstacles.  

So, when we practice our repititions of the habits we are trying to improve, whether it is healthy habits, nutrition habits, consistent workouts etc. We want to have a conscious focus on maintaining the faith that, everything will work out as we hope it does, and having gratitude for the things we have done thus far.  You see, no matter how much we may want or need something to change in our lives, we will always go back to feeling the same way we do now, until we can get in the habit of being grateful for our current state.

If you struggle with finding something way to be grateful for, you can practice re-framing situations, especially past situations maybe that we continue to dwell on.  What I mean is, take a current situation, and find the good in it.  That may be a difficult task, but it retrains the mind to look for the positive outlook, and how to overcome obstacles instead of just dwelling on them. 

An example is maybe you struggle to find time to workout, with work, kids activities, family events etc. etc. Well we can reframe this by saying, hey this situation is a good time to help me learn how to better prepare, or manage my time differently and develop that much needed skill that I may not have otherwise had to work on if things where going ok.  

This process is going to take time, we didn't develop these old habits in a day, and we won't change them in a day.  Think of building a new skill or working on a new habit just like building a muscle.  If you want to improve the strength in your arms, you will consistently practice the act of working out your arms in a strength training session.  It is the same concept of retraining your mindset for success to be more resilient, practicing repititions, with the focus of having faith and gratitude will help you change your habits, and your life for the better.

Well, we hope that helps you keep up what you've started in your New Year's Transformations!  Feel free to share this with someone struggling in their efforts, and needs a pick-me-up!

Danny Mullen - Director, RAW Fitness

P.S. We are big on the mindset here at RAW, if you need some guidance on this, and need to get back into your routine and your head in the game, check out our 21 Day Re-Boot Program.  The perfect compliment to getting back into the game with your mind, body, and spirit.  Check it out: 21 Day Re-Boot Program

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