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Online Kids Fitness Program

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Online Kids Fitness Program

Kid's Going Crazy Being Stuck at Home and Missing Their Friends?


With this difficult time, we know it is has been tough for families.  So many things are going on in the world today, and people are stressed and trying to figure out what is to come next.


This is effecting families all over the country, and on top of it all, many kids are actually missing school!  It's tough to be a kid and to be coped up inside all day, and not being able to see or hang out with their friends.  


We have been talking with our members, and local sports coaches, and we came up with a way for the kids to...

  • Do something active in the day
  • Stay fit for sports (since there are not any right now)
  • Get a chance to see, interact, and do something fun and productive with their friends.


We are creating a Youth Online Fitness Program that they can do with their friends (and see them and talk with them), and do it right from their own home, just like our Adult Online Fitness Program.


How It Works


1. Sign up by filling out form below: Sign up today!

2. Use the link we provide to join at the set workout times and days (or can watch the recording on your own time).

That's it!  Super easy to do.


Program days and times:

Days: Monday's and Thursday's

Times: 3:30 PM


We will also be giving the kids access to one of our Virtual Bodyweight Sessions and Yoga each week (for those kids that are a little older).



$49 for the next 4 weeks for our Members

$79 for Non-Members for 4 weeks

Call for Team and group prices: 586) 745-7850

Click Here: to Sign Up Today!

If you have any questions, you can contact us here:

P: 586) 745-7850 (please leave a voicemail if we where unable to answer)

E: Info@madeatrawfitness.com

Providing Washington Township & Shelby Township With The Best Fitness Training Around!

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