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Fitness Myths That Drive David Crazy

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Fitness Myths That Drive David Crazy

In the fitness industry, you hear a lot of different and competing information.

One article says, "This diet is the best diet ever created!"

Yet another article explains how this same diet is extremely unhealthy....

What is the truth, and how to we know what to believe?  The hard part is, it really isn't an easy situation to decipher the truth, from well not the truth.

Luckily, Coach David gets very irritated from misinformation, or partial truths.  With his background relating to being equipped to do extensive research, he wanted to go over a few Fitness Myths, that drive him crazy!

In the video, David goes over:

  • Getting bulky from lifting weights
  • The Keto Diet
  • Do you have to feel sore to show you had a good workout?
  • Is (fill in the blank) bad for your knees?

Check out David's take on the topics at hand:



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