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7 Minute Workout

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7 Minute Workout

It's August, we are all traveling, getting ready for kids school to start, prepping for Labor Day.  It can be a busy time, and as we all know, gyms in Michigan are not running on all cylinders like they where last August.


So, we know we may be stressed for time, trying to pop in and figure out some workout structure we can do while we are running around, or traveling.  


We wanted to hook you up and give you access to one of our 7-10 minute workouts we are doing for our members weekly if your in a time crunch.


Here is Coach David, and his mom, (don't worry, she wasn't held captive to do it, she loves getting her RAW workouts in!) and he will run you through a pretty grueling 7 minute workout.  Try it out for yourself!



If you're ready for some more quick fat burning workouts, healthy tips, nutrition and accountability coaching, and just want some more in depth workouts with strength training, cardio, metabolic workouts led by a coach, come try out your first session FREE!  

Schedule your first session today: https://madeatrawfitness.com/Home/Offer/

Have a great workout!

Your RAW Fit Team


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