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Immunity Up, Stress Down

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Immunity Up, Stress Down

A strong immune system is more important now than ever.... and so is lowering our stress levels.

It is an odd time in our world, and it is important that we keep our body, and mind healthy right now. When it comes to decreasing our stress, and improving our immune system, there is no better way to knock out two birds with one stone then to exercise.

I know exercise isn't always a sexy topic, but in our sedentary lifestyles, we all know the importance of getting some activity in during the day.  This doesn't always have to be high intensity, it can be anything from yard work, walks, yoga, strength training, bike riding, golfing, or simply parking further away at the grocery store.

And, more isn't always better. For instance, if you already exercise, doing more won't necessarily increase your immune system more.  In fact, it could hinder it. So getting daily movement in is important, but sticking to 3-5 days of moderate/higher intensity is important depending on your current fitness level. 

If you aren't doing anything now, getting in some light form of movement in daily can really make a difference.

We are not as active as we used to be, and our stress levels, and our immune systems are suffering because of it.

When we start to get more activity in during our day it does a few things for us:

  • * Slows down your bodies release of stress hormones like cortisol.
  • * Improves the circulation of your white blood cells.  These cells are what help fight off disease and infection
  • * Helps detox your body of bad bacteria that your body has accumulated
  • * Helps your body balance and utilize blood sugar and stress so that your immune system is not suppressed
  • * Increasing your internal body temperature can help so that bacteria does not have the opportunity to grow


These are all huge benefits to our lives, and can be done in simple ways like parking further away at the store, taking the stairs instead of the elevators, doing a form of exercise during commercials when watching your favorite TV show.  Here is some other info on exercise and immunity here: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/007165.htm

If your not sure where to start in you're exercise routine, here is a recorded version of one of our bodyweight cardio/core workouts from the other day:

RAW Fit Cardio/Core Workout

We hope you enjoy it!

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