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Have a Vision

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Have a Vision

Having a goal is important. But having a vision is the true power behind the goals themselves. Having a goal doesn't usually get us very far.  That's why a majority of New Years resolutions fall to the waste-side because there is no vision behind the resolutions. They goals are vague, don't invoke any emotion, and are very easy to get distracted from.

So, when it comes to having a goal in life, no matter the area of life, we need to create a vision behind it.  If you missed the last 2 blogs we did on our goal setting process, you can check them out here:


Goal Setting Workshop

We first dove into setting SMART goals, and then did an awesome workshop, with an accompanied workbook that is a MUST WATCH for setting the stage to create your vision.

So many of us focus on the past or the future, yet we do this without any clarity of the future. We think in vague terms of maybe some small things we want to do or achieve.  We let life just happen to us, instead of taking decisive action to make it happen for us. Taking decisive action within the scope of our vision. 

What is a vision?

A vision is an idea of the future that insights inspiration. A vision of where we are going, this can be on an individual level, a family, a business, or any other group of people.


Well why do we need it?

We need a vision, because it is thee, or one of the top reasons we not only achieve goals, but maintain the goals and focus of those goals for a duration of time.

With out a vision, we leave ourselves susceptible to distraction.

When setting the goal, we first want to have an understanding of where we are going. We need to give ourselves the GPS on where to go if you will.  

Having the "GPS" gives us have a backing for all of our decisions. When going through our daily life, we have to make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions everyday. When we have our vision, this gives us a base to make our decisions. Think does this decision I am about to make get me one step closer to my vision, or does it take me one step away from my vision.

Having a vision also inspires action. It gives us the energy and passion to take action on our goals.  However the caveat to this, like we discussed in our workshop last week, is the goal and vision still has to feel attainable. If we do not believe we can achieve it, this will limit, and almost "paralyze" us to take any action because we do not really believe we can accomplish this goal.  One thing to consider is to really add as much emotional attachment to the vision as you can, this will help push the "why" and passion behind it to over come any obstacles.

Speaking of obstacles, it is important to remember during this journey, obstacles will arise, they always do. If you can acknowledge this ahead of time, this will allow you to be more successful in navigating the obstacles. Just like a river of water does when it comes across a rock, log, or anything else that gets in the way of its path, it just moves right along no matter what. If we can take that approach to this process it will really help keep us focused. 

How to create vision

First what we need to is look at what areas of life are most important to us.  We do this with our Free Workbook, where we go over the most important parts of your life, and start to build a life of our dreams when we know what components of our life is important to us like family, career, health, etc.

Next we want to look at what are we passionate about in life?  One way to find out what this is, is when you are in your spare time, what do you do? What do you read? What things do you think about? What websites do we visit? 

This can give us an understanding of some of our natural passions that we may have. When we can do more things in line with our passions, our vision becomes more real and appealing.

When creating our vision, we don't want to hold back.  We want to make our vision big, yet specific and clear.  It needs to create and have an emotional attachment to the vision. It needs to create an emotional response within. When we do this, it will allow us to be more invested in the vision, and helps us to overcome any obstacle.

The last thing to consider is to figure out what your strengths and skill sets are that you have accumulated over the years, and build from there. But your skills and strengths must be in line with your passions.  So, what skills have you acquired over the years? Leadership, patience, physical strength, critical thinking, etc. etc. There is no right or wrong, we all have some type of skill sets due to life's trials and tribulations we have overcame. So, what are those for you?

As it comes time to set the vision in place, we need to do it in a relaxed state, we actually do not want to use our critical thinking side of the brain. Instead we want to let our unconscious mind to help chip in.

This whole process will take time, and will probably not be something you can just sit down and create. Spend a few weeks on building your vision, and ask yourself specific questions daily. A good time to do this is to ask yourself before bed, so your unconscious mind can focus on it while you sleep.

A couple key questions you can ask yourself is:

  • What do I love in life?
  • What is important to me?
  • What are my strengths and skill sets?
  • When am I most happy and satisfied?
  • What causes me to develop a lot of emotion?

Overlooking goals and visions are common, and so many people often dismiss the importance. However, if you ask any successful person, no matter the endeavor they are successful in, I assure you they had some sort of vision. So if building a new life is important to you, and you are ready for that fresh start, start your new life with a new vision of where you want to go.

Good luck!


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