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Nutrition's Relationship with Sex (hormones)

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Nutrition's Relationship with Sex (hormones)

Sex can be great... :)

But our sex hormones can suck sometimes!

Last week we dove into Nutrition's Relationship with Stress Hormones, if you missed it, we recommend to start with that video, as stress hormone imbalance usually is the biggest precursor in terms of hormone imbalance that leads to other hormone imbalances.

Check out week 1: Nutrition's Relationship with Stress Hormones

Sex hormones are Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  As we age, we change lifestyle habits, and are under a lot of stress our sex hormones can get really thrown out of whack.

This can lead to things such as:

  • Lower energy levels
  • Lower libido
  • Higher body fat
  • Less muscle mass, strength, and metabolism
  • Less creativity and mental clarity

Sex hormones start to decrease when we age, but there are a few things that really lower them even more.  Today's society is full of chemical and environmental xenoestrogens, from things like plastics, fragrances, cosmetics, alcohol, commercial animal products, and much more.

When you combine all of these environmental things with our lifestyles of being sedentary, not strength training enough, not sleeping, and eating more processed foods it is a recipe for sex hormone imbalance.

In today's lunch and learn with Danny, he will go over some of the best strategies to improve sex hormone imbalances.

Check out week 2, and Nutrition's Relationship with Sex hormones:



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