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Workout with knee pain

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Workout with knee pain

Knee pain is a drag.

But it doesn't have to stop us from living a healthy and active lifestyle. We know the importance of staying active, to keep our body and mind healthy, our weight at a manageable level, and to perform everyday life at a high level. But it can be tough to do when dealing with pain every day.

Helping people overcome joint pain is one of our passions, and have had the privilege to help so many of our members live a better quality of life through pain management.

Here are some of our top tips for dealing with knee pain and building a stronger body to live life the way it was intended, happy and active!

Before throwing in the towel on being active, our first tip is to try avoiding some of these exercises during your next exercise routine:
☑️ Weighted Squats
☑️ Forward Lunging
☑️ Running
☑️ Jumping Exercises

There could be a lot of reasons someone's knees could be causing pain. First and foremost we recommend to limit some of these exercises, and start to work on the mobility of the ankle and hip, like hip flexor, inner thigh and calf stretches to improve the mobility of these. Hold each for 60 seconds before your next workout. You can check out a video we made for them on our public facebook page where we always post videos and tips for you to become the strongest version of yourself: RAW Fitness Facebook Page Or you can check out the video here:


When we avoid these exercises, we want to have some alternative exercises ready. These are some of the most common exercises we work on with our members here at RAW Fitness in order to continue to work towards building a strong body, and do so by avoiding knee issues.

Here is our top trainer tips of exercises for improving knee pain while exercising:

Top 3 alternative exercises when dealing with knee pain 💪
1. Do bridges instead of weighted squats. Similar movement with knee and hip flexion, with more emphasis on posterior side of the body.
2. Single leg deadlift instead of lunging. Still get the benefit of balance training with less focus on the knees and quads
3. Doing upper body metabolic work instead of running and jumping to get your heart rate up. Things like battle ropes, straight arm speed pull downs etc.
These are some of the alternatives we personalize our group training with here @madeatrawfitness

Try them out for a month and see how the knees feel!Do this for a month, along with our mobility guidelines and it will greatly help the knees during exercise!

Lastly, most people have trouble performing the exercises like squats and lunges correctly. Here is how to properly perform a lunge next time your in the gym:


Bonus recommendation is to hire some help. Work with a professional that can help individualize a plan based on your own needs and supports you along the way. That is our specialty in guiding our members in building their body in a way that works for them. You can book a free class with us here: Book your free session

A lot of info their for improving knee pain!

Star with one thing at a time, but to wrap up the plan:

  1. Avoid the most common issues that maybe leading to knee pain when exercising.
  2. Try those stretches every day to improve your mobility.
  3. Use the alternative exercises in place of the exercises causing knee pain.
  4. Ensure your performing the exercises with good form.
  5. Hire a coach that will take the time to personalize a plan for you

Knee pain management in as simple as:

  1. Book your free session
  2. Meet with your coach
  3. Guide you through a plan
  4. Assurance your doing it right along the way

Schedule your free session today: Free session at RAW

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