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Monday Motivation

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Monday Motivation

Motivation and summer don’t always play well together. ⚔️


Summer is awesome for the mind…not always for our health.

We tend to lose a little focus and motivation during the summer months. 


How many years have gone by at the end of summer we are more than ready to get our health back on track. 🤢🤢


Well what if we can do both! Have our summer fun and still keep our structured motivation.


We know how much fun all the summer events and trips can be, and we encourage our RAW Fit Fam to enjoy the summer and have fun.


So, we want to help you enjoy your summer and get that 🔥 again. 


Here is our top tips for getting motivated again during the summer months.


Tip #1 for keeping your motivation is… Have a goal.


It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but just something to focus on during summer to help with making some better choices and not letting a weekend on the boat turn into a 3 month binge. 


This could be something that is more processed focused like I am going to get in 3 quality workouts in each week.  It really doesn’t matter what it is, just having a focus point will help with getting your drive back up.


Tip #2: Scheduling your big 3.


These are a SIMPLE version of our top 3 biggest health priorities to focus on during the week.


When we decide what those 3 things are, it’s time to schedule them in our schedule, and make them non-negotiable.


The key is to make these things so simple that you feel very confident you can follow through with these priorities. 


✅ Decide the priorities

✅ Schedule them in your calendar 

✅ Assess and adjust weekly


Now this may seem easier than it is, the key is to just do it. You may find that you have to force it at first, and that is ok.


We are just trying to make it a habit with consistent focus which will allow us to keep or regain our momentum and motivation.


The priorities can be simple in summer, the goal is just to have a focus  each week to make it consistent so you don’t lose full control and will be easier come fall.


Tip #3: Having a structured plan


It doesn’t always have to be an all or nothing approach. We like to help guide people with determining what level of standards their willing and able to stick to in their weekly routine.


As we said above, maybe we aren’t 💯 on our A game in the summer. But what can we still do?


Maybe we don’t get 5 workouts in a week, but can we make a priority to do 3?


Maybe we don’t follow any type of diet or follow any macros, but could we set a goal to at least eat every 3-4 hours to maintain blood sugar?


The problem we find when guiding people through a healthy lifestyle is they feel it’s needed to go all in or not at all. But life doesn’t work that way.

Our goal is to help make life easier for our members with a healthier lifestyle, while also finding some structure during times like the summer.


Decide what structure and standards you’re willing to commit to for yourself the rest of summer and make that your main focus. Even if it is just small tasks.


Tip #4: Get back on the saddle


Falling off track is one of the biggest drivers for losing motivation.


One of our favorite trainer tips are to create the habit that every time you fall off track from your goals, just make your next action right back on track!


Maybe we had some fun on the boat over the weekend. You can make sure you schedule a workout in on Monday.


Maybe we had a bad choice of meals, we can just make sure our next meal or snack is a better option.


This habit creation helps to stop the snowball effect of one bad decision turning into many.


Tip #5: Remember why you started.


Put it everywhere, think about it all the time.


Why did you start this journey? What made you take that first step?


Find out your why, and you will find your motivation.


This is our number one tip for keeping your motivation up.

If you can dig deep and truly find what it is that you want in life, and show how becoming the strongest version of yourself can help you achieve this, you will succeed.


And we are happy to help you do just that!


Danny, Owner RAW Fitness

You deserve to be happy and healthy

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