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Workout with Back Pain

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Workout with Back Pain

Feel like you can't get your workouts in because of back pain?

Well there is a right and wrong way to do a workout, and specific exercises can leave you susceptible if done incorrectly.

So today, we wanted to share a routine you can start to do, to stay active while dealing with back pain, and even start to help it to feel better!

Similar to our blog post a few weeks ago on Knee Pain, We wanted to give you a full plan you can implement right away.

***If unsure of any exercises, you can find the videos for them on our facebook page where we posted some exercises with them: Facebook.com/madeatrawfitness

Here is our top exercises to avoid during your workout routine...for now:
• Deadlifts and hip hinging/bending patterns
• Unsupported rows
• Leg lower variations
• Too many hip flexion exercises (think like mt. climbers, biking, and leg lowers)
• Running
Now, this doesn't mean you should never do these ever again, most of these are great exercises. However, we just want to get our body moving properly and understand proper form before we reintroduce them.

None of these exercises or bad, and in fact, every human is meant to hinge/bend, pull, and walk. But these exercises are just the ones that leave you the most susceptible to aggravation.

Well it wouldn't do you any service if we didn't give you any alternatives to do instead!

Here is our top 5 alternative exercises to do for back pain:

  1. Straight legged bridges

  2. Regular bridges

  3. Standing/kneeling band rows

  4. Planks

  5. Rowing

These exercises can replace our deadlifts, rows, leg lowers, hip flexion exercises, and running.

You will still get a very similar benefit as the avoidance exercises we went over yesterday, but with less of a chance of hurting your back.

But back pain generally doesn't start from exercise....

It comes from our body not moving properly. Well we want to help you change that!

Here is our list of our top 5 things you can start to incorporate into your routine to get that back becoming healthier and stronger.
Stretch your hip flexors
Stretch your lats
Stretch your lower back/hip
Mobilize your upper back
Activate your core

Bonus: Do more glute activation exercises like bridges, clamshells, and hip abductions


If you start to do this 4-5x a week, your back will thank you!

But until then, try out this...

Back friendly workout
Do each exercise for 30 seconds of work, followed by 15 seconds rest. Once you finish, take 30-60 seconds and repeat as many times as you would like!
1. Squat w/ band around knees
2. Standing band rows
3. Standing band press
4. Quick step outs
5. Plank - can go to knees
6. Clam shells
7. Straight legged bridge hold - 60 seconds

8. Rest and repeat


Need more help with a customized workout plan that you can modify for your back?
Schedule your free session with us so we can guide you through the best way: madeatrawfitness.com


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