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5 Hacks for a Balanced Life

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5 Hacks for a Balanced Life

How do we live life with more balance?

That is one of the most common questions we get asked here at RAW.

A healthy balance in life is the key to a happier and healthier life, but how do we achieve this?

Here is our Top 5 Hacks for a More Balanced Life:

1️⃣ Have a relaxing routine 1x a week

Find something that you can do to weekly that will help you to de-stress. This can be anything that gets your mind off the daily hussle and bussle that you enjoy. Going for a walk, getting lunch with a friend, doing a puzzle, etc.

One of our favorites is a nice relaxing bath.

Here at RAW, we think epsom salt/essential oil baths are a wonderful recovery that is a great addition to your evening routine. These types of baths can help the body relax, sooth sore muscles, ease anxiety and even lower adrenal fatigue.
Our wellness specialist, Brooke, specifically recommends this below bath recipe.
1 Cup of epsom salt
1/2 cup baking powder
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops of lavender essential oil
10 drops of cypress essential oil
10 drops of valor essential oil

(hint, add all these ingredients In a bowl and dump into warm/hot water)

2️⃣ Get better sleep with a Brain Dump

Quick routine tip to help stay asleep when we have a lot on our mind:
Do a brain dump
What this means is at night, before bed, get a notepad or someway of tracking your next day’s to dos and write them all out.
This will help get everything up here in your mind, and down on a notepad.
This gives you peace of mind to know you are all prepped and organized for the following day!

This will also save you some stress the next day being more organized! Win!

3️⃣ Keeping a Journal

Stress is the leading cause to an unbalanced life.

Keeping a journal will help find consistent patterns of negative outcomes, triggers, and anything else that may be limiting you in your life. When we become more aware of our triggers and habitual patterns, we can then start to overcome our old beliefs and ways of handling stress!

Become more aware, by keeping a daily journal!

4️⃣ Grow Daily

Read everyday.
And we aren’t talking fiction books, but ones that help you grow as an individual.
When we are consistently in a growth mindset, we will keep a positive outlook on life and live life more confidently knowing we are “sharpening our tools” daily.
It’s even a survival mechanism for us to always be looking for was to find tools and resources to make life easier and better.
In today’s society, where we don’t have to hunt for food or fend for ourselves, we do not have to look for tools to survive, and this can cause us some subconscious anxiety.
Focusing on growth through a daily reading routine can really help ease this.
How much should you read?
Trust us, we get it, your super busy. So it doesn’t have to be a ton. Find what your willing, and able to commit to and start there.
Maybe it’s 10 min.
Maybe it’s 10 pages.

There is no right or wrong, it’s all about changing the focus to a growth mindset to live a better, and more balanced lifestyle.

5️⃣ Prioritize your week

A lack of organization leads to frustration and chaos.

A simple routine to do each day for a more consistent balance in life is to set your top 3 priorities for the week and each day.

At the start of each week, decide what the 3 main priorities will be to focus on and get accomplished this week. But no more then 3!

From there, each night, set 3 smaller priorities to ensure you hit your 3 weekly goals.

In order to live life with confidence, we need to make sure we have structure and plans to get all our daily responsibilities done.

This will give you a consistent organized schedule, with a lot more stress, and a lot more priorities getting done!



Owner, RAW Fitness

Former stressed out individual with a low self-esteem

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