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Healthy Shoulders

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Healthy Shoulders

Shoulders are one of the most used joints in the body.

When we have a shoulder injury, our body makes it well known!

Because we use our shoulders so much in everyday life, dealing with shoulder pain is no fun.

Well, what about when we have goals, what if we are trying to lose weight, or get a project done at home, and we need to be active.

There may be a time that we need to get it checked out so we don't do any further damage. But if it is more muscular or structural, here is our top tips for building healthier shoulders, so that you can live life without limitation!

Before we start, we encourage you to do this quick test to see if you are at a higher risk for shoulder issues:



How to perform:

1. Stand against a wall with your feet about 6 inches away from the wall
2. Keep your low back within hands width of the wall

3. While keeping your chin tucked and arms straight, slowly take your hands back to try and touch your thumbs to the wall

What to watch for:

• Does your low back come off the wall more then hand width
• Does your head or upper back come off the wall
• Do you shrug your shoulders a lot
• Can you NOT get your thumbs to the wall

If any of these happen, then you may be at risk for some shoulder issues. When it comes to shoulder pain and exercise, there are certain exercises that can cause any shoulder issues to become worse. We would recommend to limit some of the exercises in your exercise routine.

Avoid these exercises with shoulder pain:

1. Overhead pressing exercises

2. Lat exercises like lat pull-downs and pull-ups

3. Bench dips

4. Upright rows

5. Possibly push-ups and chest presses

These exercises can cause a lot of issues for someone with certain shoulder injuries, and we highly recommend to avoid them until we can get the underlying issue with the shoulder taken care of.

Instead of these exercises we recommend to try some of these instead:

1. Shoulder wall slides w/out back extension
Wall angels w/out back extension
Bench prone single arm Y raise w/out back extension
Bench prone single arm T raise w/out back extension

Light band single arm external rotations w/out back extension

This can be done as an avoidance exercise to start to work on balancing the shoulder, or as a warm up before upper body work.

However, it is important to not do this every day. This will cause too much fatigue, we encourage to do 1-2 a day for maybe 4-5x a week, and not everyday.

Lastly, we want to make sure we are working on the mobility of the shoulder and upper back consistently to allow the shoulder to have better overall movement, and take the pressure off the joint.

Do these 5 shoulder mobility exercises to improve shoulder mobility and alleviate pain:
1. Soft tissue and stretch chest
2. Soft tissue and stretch upper trap
3. Soft tissue and stretch lats
4. Bench T-Spine mobilizations

5. T-Spine rotations



Perform these exercises for a good 60 seconds each. Do this on off days, or add as a great routine to do before your workouts.

Add this routine to our avoidance exercises we gave to and your shoulder mobility and function will vastly improve!

We hope this healthy shoulder guide helps!

Let us know if you have any questions, we would be happy to help ensure you live a happy, and pain free lifestyle!


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