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Supplements To Help Improve Weight Loss!

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Supplements To Help Improve Weight Loss!

In yesterday's article we gave you our first supplement to help you lose more weight. If you missed it you can check it out here: click here for first fat loss supplement

Supplement for Weight Loss


Today we have another nutrition supplement to help you with your weight loss goals!


Our second supplement for weight loss is....


Prebiotic Fiber!


Say what!?!?


Many are probably wondering what that is.


Prebiotic fiber is a type of fiber that helps the gut, and specifically the gut bacteria to flourish!


Everything starts with gut health, so when we can improve the health of the gut and digestion, everything else will generally fall into place. Especially when we are trying to lose weight and lose body fat around the midsection.


This fiber is the fuel for those little tiny gut bacterium, and allows them to stay nice and healthy.


It will also help with cleaning out the digestive tract and not hold onto excess toxins, that can have an effect on our body fat levels.


But.....It can't just be any fiber, prebiotic fiber is key.


We like the brand Garden of Life, gardenoflife.com


Simply add a tablespoon or so to your morning oatmeal or smoothies for a healthier gut, and a healthier, and leaner, you!


P.S. Theresa really started to see results when she dove into our Transformation Program and used these supplements in her journey.

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