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Eat This Much To Lose Weight

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Eat This Much To Lose Weight

Does it fit your Macros?


How many calories should I eat?


Should I do low carb or keto?


These are some of the most common questions we help answer for people when it comes to weight loss.


I am sure you had some of these same questions too at some point.  Well there is one key thing you can do to really personalize your nutrition to help ensure you get results.


It's what is called your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  When you find out your bmr, you will then know how much you should actually be eating based on your goal.


What the BMR is, is it shows how much calories your body needs on a daily basis just to function. So that means, all of the things your body does on a given day, breathe, pump blood, digest food, think, create hormones etc. will take a certain amount of calories to "run the system" if you will.


Now this does not take into consideration exercise, walking to the car, going up a flight of stairs or any of that. This is just a baseline caloric need your body needs to survive.


What you can do with this number is associate it with your goal.


For example:


If your BMR, and caloric burn is say 1800 calories, then you can adjust your calories like so:


To lose weight, take your calories and times it by 1-1.2 and that should be your starting point for how many calories you should eat.


To gain muscle, take your calories and times it by 1.5-1.6 and that is your caloric goal.


You can see how this will really personalize the nutrition experience for you.


But that isn't all of it. What we would then recommend is to aim for 30% of those calories to come from protein. If you can eat for your BMR, and get a good 30% of your calories coming from protein, you will no doubt start to lose weight (or gain muscle).


In fact, this is one of the main objectives, and strategies we use in our famous Transformation Program we run.


Our goal is to help busy folks find confidence in a sustainable, happier and healthier lifestyle. 


Improving the gut, increasing energy, and losing weight is some of the key drivers in our Transformation Program starting this Monday (10/11).


We only have 7 spots left, as we need to keep this program small to really personalize the experience for everyone.


If you need accountability of a plan that helps Transform your lifestyle then apply today before it closes.


Apply by Friday and get 10% off!


5 Week Transformation Challenge


Taking this BMR approach is what Theresa did to lose 18+ lbs. and over 7% bodyfat!

Check out her story here:

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