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Danny here from RAW Fit, and man do I have a confession to make.


Being a fitness professional, you would think I eat nothing but green things, things that taste a little like dirt, with some lean proteins thrown in there.


And on any given week, I do try to eat a lot of really healthy things.


But.... That's not always the case.


And with it being pumpkin spice season, I gave in... a few times 🤭


Over the weekend, I gave into some pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling, and some pumpkin spice/chocolate covered almonds.


Pumpkin spice turned into no will power what so ever!


Lol, you combine that with stress of some big projects (that we will announce next week!), traveling, and not getting in exercise for a few days...ok more like a little over a week.  It just was a recipe for failure that I did not do well enough to prep for.


I, as a fitness professional, am human too, and am by no means perfect with my health and fitness.


But you know what happened?


On Monday morning, regardless of how busy, tired, or crappy I felt, I made my first action on Monday was to get in a workout.


Now, I didn't perform all that well in the workout, and struggled in it. But I did it, I made sure that regardless of how off track my weekend was, I had to take action to right the ship if you will.


If you can learn one thing from this story, let it be that. Consistency reigns supreme in the world of health and wellness, NOT perfection.  When you can learn to focus on just making small improvements every day or week, you will come out ahead at some point.


I have found in my 13 years in the field, that the ones that succeed, are the ones that are the most consistent, not the most perfect.


So my challenge to you, is no matter if you are coming off a pumpkin spice weekend bender, or a 10 year absence to health and fitness, make your next action you take back on track.


That doesn't mean you have to jump in and do 10 workouts this week, it could simply be drinking a big glass of water, or choosing a bit of a healthier meal for lunch today.


The goal isn't so much what it is, it is just about the action of taking a step toward a healthier and happier life and not a step away from it.


This trick can help those "off" weekends from spiraling to a week, and then a month, and then a couple years.


So next time you have a bad day, or off weekend, just make your next action back on track to re-shift your focus back towards a happier and healthier life.


Give it a try.

Hope that helps, and make sure to keep the pumpkin spice far from me!



Owner, RAW Fitness

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