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Why 85% of people gain their weight back

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Why 85% of people gain their weight back

Losing weight is the top reason we see people get into a health and fitness program.

They hire personal trainers in the area, they do a weight loss nutrition program, they look for the best diets to lose weight.

And many times, they succeed.

But the problem is, 85% of the time, they succeed... to only go backwards shortly after.

They gain the weight back that they just lost, they go back to their old habits, and many times find themselves in a worse position then they where before.

Do you know why this happens? 

The #1 reason that people gain their weight back, is because they try too hard!

You heard that right, they try and do too much. Sounds counter to what most would think, right? Most people think they have to change all of these different parts to their lives, or spend hours in the gym or kitchen just to get results.

They think it means you have to be in the gym every day, or eat perfectly, and avoid all the foods you love.

Well, it simply is FALSE! 

Most that take this approach, end up giving up because they get overwhelmed and it becomes too difficult to keep up with. 

And we do not promote quitting, but it make sense, trying to live perfectly is not only extremely difficult to maintain, but it is also near impossible, let alone miserable!

We have found that the majority of people that lose weight, and keep it off, are the ones that take it one step at a time.They master one new healthy habit at a time. It doesn't even have to be anything elaborate or time consuming, something simple even like getting water in at every meal, or eating every 3-4 hours during the day. 

Once they master that, they move onto the next thing, and the next thing, and use the snowball effect.

Think of this, if you can master one new healthy habit every month, over the course of the next year you could have mastered 12 new healthy habits that could make a drastic transformation on your life.

This will help you build that foundation of a new transformative lifestyle that you can always fall back on if you "slip up" a bit, it will help negate those roller coaster yo-yo rides of the "diet" train the rest of your life. It just takes one step at a time to climb any mountain, why can't we take that focus when it comes to living our best life?

Living our best life is all about overcoming, and growing, and sometimes that takes effort, but it doesn't have to be strenuous and extremely difficult and unenjoyable. It can be done, and in fact is done better when it is focused on consistent effort, no matter how small.

I know what you're thinking... it sounds way too simple. And if it is really just that simple, then how come everyone isn't full of health and vitality?

Simple, we stress out way too much, we put so much pressure on ourselves to get down X lbs. or fit into this dress, or look a certain way, that we need that instant gratification. Our society is now built around instant gratification.

But the problem is, we didn't get into this situation overnight, so it's not going to be fixed over night.

We need a plan that is effective, yet simple enough for us to have the confidence to take action on. If we do not think we will be able to follow through with the plan, it's not a good plan.

So our advice here is simple. Stop trying to do too much, and choose just one thing that you can commit to over the next 4 weeks, no matter how small or how insignificant it may feel right now.

Start with the one thing, that you can do and feel confident that you can follow through with doing for 4 weeks.

After the 4 weeks, assess how it went, and either tweak something to improve it for another 4 weeks. Or move on to the next thing, and repeat the process. Even if this may seem like a slower process, at least you will follow through with it, and you will set yourself up for long term lifestyle success, isn't that what you want anyways? So you don't have to do this anymore?

This is how you build confidence in anything you do in life. Think of when you learn a new skill, a new language, how to operate a new piece of equipment, a new career. These all require a set of skills you have to learn. Well the same applies to learning how to be healthy and fit. You have to develop the skills to do so.

The only way to master something (as an adult) is through repetitions. That's it, repeatedly practice the "skill" of weight loss or health and fitness, and you will eventually master that skill.

Now, how powerful would that be in your life, if you can get off that roller coaster ride of being up and down with your health, and start to live life with confidence! The way it was meant to be lived.

This is what we encourage for those just getting started in our Nutrition and Habit Coaching here at RAW Fitness.

But it doesn't stop there, you need to do things a certain way, and have some level of accountability to ensure you are supported in mastering the new long term lifestyle habits.

We all know, if we keep doing things the way we have always done, we will keep getting the same results....we need a change, and a support system to help us get over that hump.

But it isn't just about doing one thing at a time. It's about doing the right thing, and having all of the tools to help you succeed.

Want to know why most people not only struggle to keep the weight off, but struggle to get the true results they want in the first place?

Because they are only looking at one piece of the pie.

If you go to a Planet Fitness, a Lifetime Fitness, or an L.A. Fitness, or shoot even a place like an Orange Theory Fitness, you're simply focusing on the fitness side of things. And that will only get you so far. As we all know, we can't just get results from fitness alone, so this solution is never a great long term solution for weight loss.

Maybe you have done a Weight Watchers, or Medical Weight Loss in the past with some success but you struggle to maintain. The reason is, you start to lose some weight, but you're not adding in the fitness, or the strength training component to help increase your metabolism and build lean muscle. This is how you get long term sustainable results. So just doing some diet stuff is not sustainable either.

Then you need to consider healthy habits of your daily life, the things that may have caused some of the issue from get go. Again, all of this is not necessary to change, or do all at once. The goal is to keep it as simple as possible to be successful.

The last piece of the puzzle though is accountability, having someone there to give you the support you deserve, while also helping ensure that you follow through.

This is what we call our 4 pillars of fat loss. If you have these in place, you will skyrocket your results, and help you have some major beneficial improvements in how you look and feel every day. 

These are the exact 4 pillars we have implemented for our members here in our RAW Fit Transformation Program to ensure success.

Here’s the thing though:

There will never be a perfect time. Life will always be busy.

We avoid unfamiliar situations because for most of human history new experiences could be deadly. Staying inside our comfort zones kept us safe from predators and danger.

And we get it.... 

The gym, or a new fitness program, can feel intimidating. Heck, we even just wrote a whole long article on this the other day called "Gymtimidation". It's a great read by the way, I encourage you check it out!

But maybe you are a bit intimidated because you have...

  • Had up and down success before
  • Have had an injury history
  • Not sure you could keep up


Well here at RAW Fitness, we don't want to see you struggle anymore. You deserve more.

One of our favorite things to hear from our members, and new people that come in and try us out is, "Raw is NOT intimidating at all!"

We are full of just regular people, different ages, genders, body types, fitness goals, different abilities etc. And all are welcome, and every one of our members who started out brand new have said, "yes, the classes are challenging, but we all started out brand new, we cheer each other on, nobody is judging your effort".

And we love that!

Our community is so awesome and so supportive, we are so proud of them. Many members have to modify exercises or do things at their own pace, but we are all just here for the same thing, cheering each other on, no matter your starting point, and that is to support one another in living a healthier and happier life.

You don't need to feel like you have to lose weight or "get in shape" before you come to Raw.

We are here to help you every step of the way.

We believe you do not deserve the roller coaster life of health and fitness, and we want to help anyway we can. Schedule a very quick call to see how we can serve you in living a healthier and happier life:

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Danny Mullen

Owner, RAW Fitness

P.S. Erin dealt with some of these same things when trying to find confidence in a healthy lifestyle while being a busy mom. Check out her story on how she overcame this, it's an awesome story!



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