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Muscle Soreness

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When your first getting started with an exercise routine, your bound to find some new muscles you haven't felt in a while!

That is ok, it's apart of the process, but what do you do? Just throw in the towel?

No way, we know you're stronger than that. It will be an adjustment the first week or so, but we assure you, your body will adapt if you stay consistent. Here is our top tips for dealing with the soreness when your just getting into a new workout routine:

1. Stay active. - Sounds counter intuitive, but when you're sore, keep moving and your body will break up the lactic acid that is causing the soreness. You do not, need to stop working out, but it doesn't have to be intense either. A simple walk can help.

2. Hydrate - We all know the importance of water, but getting in some extra water while your more active can really help with the soreness.

3. Hot/Cold Showers - Alternating between hot and cold in your shower can do WONDERS for helping when your sore, especially the cold 😜

4. Getting in your protein - Getting in adequate protein will help fuel your muscles and help with the recovery process. Here is some protein smoothie recipes to help kick that soreness: Protein Smoothie Recipes

5. Do some stretching - Stretching, similar to staying active, will help break up the soreness for you, and get you ready for round 2! We go over some great stretches and mobility drills here: Reset Your Posture

Try these during your first week, or longer, to help get your body acclimated to the workouts. Usually after the first week or so, your body starts to become less sore.

As always, let us know if there is anything we can do to help, Keep it up!

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