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RAW Fitness Packages

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Group Training - Results Package

Our group fitness is a 45 minute session that focuses on strength training and Hiit workouts to achieve weight loss.  At RAW, we provide support and accountability, to give you the tools needed for a personalized workout with a nutrition accountability system that's right for you.

  • 30 min onboard and nutrition session for new members
  • Biweekly workout attendance tracking from your coach
  • 30-day compliance check-in on goals
  • Recurring 90 days reviews with your coach
  • 8-20x sessions a month
  • Starting at $64 bi-weekly
  • Exclusive access to special deals and promotions.

Personal Training - VIP Package

Personal Training is a 60 minute personalized program that starts with our Initial Coaching Session with a coach to gauge your starting points, and discover your unique needs to build a personalized workout that fits your goals and abilities.


Our strength training program is guaranteed to help boost your strength and performance in a safe, effective way.

A More Personalized Workout Program with More 1 on 1 Attention

  • 30-60 min onboard and nutrition session for new members
  • Strength/workout assessments to find exactly what you need
  • Biweekly workout attendance tracking from your coach
  • 30-day goal assessment and review to check-in to make personal adjustments to workouts to ensure you hit your goals
  • Recurring 90 days reviews with your coach
  • Recurring strength assessments to ensure your getting stronger and we know exactly how much weight you should be lifting to get maximum results
  • Faster and Easier way to hit your goals through workouts
  • 8-12x sessions a month
  • Starting at $89 bi-weekly
  • 1-4 people max per Coach in each session for a more personalized experience
  • Exclusive access to special deals and promotions

Nutrition Accountability Program - Transformation Package

12-Week Nutrition Coaching Program

Everyone's body is different, but our team at Raw Fitness is on a mission to help you create a healthier, happier life. Our nutrition coaching program will set you up with a specially-tailored nutrition plan that will help you effectively lose weightcut down on body fat, and build muscle.

  • A nutrition plan that's 100% customized for you
  • Strategies for how to shop, cook, and eat health
  • An easier way to hit your weight loss goals through one on one nutrition guidance
  • Contact our Coaches in the MyCoach app to get started

What's Included?


  1.   Weekly 1:1 accountability meetings with a Coach
  2.   Weekly nutrition guidance
  3.   Custom meal plan/macros
    1.   Template meal plans for body type/gender/goals etc. 
    2.   Acct. of doing meal plan or macros weekly
    3.   Incorporate help with the lab testing
  4.   3-months of extra meal plan recipes
  5.   Get all our cheat sheet guides
  6.   VIP support ticket response time – first in line for responses in MyCoach
  7.   Weekly weigh ins 
  8.   10% discount on RAW Fit supplements during the 12 weeks
  9.   1x per week Pass for Acct buddy gift card to come to workouts with them for the first month
  10.   Daily accountability of food logging 2x per week, 1 more in depth before meeting
  11.   Access to group nutrition calls
  12.   Assess every 4-week mark to see if on track with goal or need to adjust plan and see what they are willing and able to do here
  13.   Bonus when sign up today - $25 gift card for Kroger for your first set of groceries
  14.   Upgrade for Nutrition Lab Testing – normally $159 and get $59 off when sign up today.
  15.   Upgrade for up to a 3-day juice cleanse to start - $49 for partial day (4 juices + dinner) - $69 for full day (6 juices)
  16.   Upgrade option for pre-cooked meals – 120 meals for an extra $1,619 or add to bi-weekly bill
  17.   Upgrade option for pre-cooked meals – 60 meals for an extra $869
  18.   Upgrade option for pre-cooked meals – 36 meals for an extra $539

Upgraded options are available for pre-cooked meals and juice cleanses.

Nutrition and Gut Lab Testing

Our Nutrition Lab Testing partner uses data to discover your individual gut and gene expression to show how internal and external factors such as diet, stress, nutrition, and cellular health maybe affecting you.

This test maybe good for you if you are struggling with:

  • Struggle with weight loss
  • Inflammation and joint issues
  • Occasional bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Poor digestion
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Starting at $129 - Order here Nutrition and Gut Lab Testing and to get up to 20% off, use discount code: rawfit 

2-6 Week Group Weight Loss Accountability Programs

  • Goal to lose 15+ lbs.

  • 6 weeks of fat-burning meal plans

  • 8-24 training sessions with a Coach

  • Personalized grocery list and meal plan

  • Personal accountability Coach

  • Online support community

  • Starting at $150

  • Daily accountability reminders and 24/7 support



Supplement Packages for Better Results


Supplements to help supplement your lifestyle and get more results in...

  • Faster weight loss
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Battle cravings
  • Improved mood
  • Improved digestion
  • Decreased aches/pains and inflammation
  • Decreased bloating


Pre-Cooked Meals and Juice Cleanses


Make hitting your goals, and your weekly routine MUCH easier with precooked meals for you and your family and juice cleanses.


Ask us for more details on how to order yours.





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