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Alcohol, a subject in the fitness industry that never seems to get talked about.

We get it, its summer and sometimes, you want to have a drink.  We are not going to try to tell you you absolutely need to stay away from alcohol if you want to achieve your fitness goals, because we understand we are all humans.  

This week on Confidently Flawed, Brooke and Danny share some tips around drinking alcohol and how to make better, more "healthy" decisions with your drinks.

We have an awesome guide for managing portions when drinking alcohol to limit the negative weight gain and to access us email at info@madeatrawfitness.com with the header ALCOHOL GUIDE. 



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RAW Fitness is an accountability program based in both Shelby and Washington Twp. to provide a solution to health and happiness for the busy adult through fitness sessions, nutrition coaching, healthy habits, and accountability/support. Click here to learn more: RAW Fitness Transformation Program  - Washington and Shelby Twp. top fitness and nutrition accountability program. 



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