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  • Simple Protein Recipes

    Want more easy ways to get your protein in? Check out these recipes that are RAW Fit approved with our SFH Protein Powders ! SFH Protein Recipes Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Protein Cookies Morning are always a time crunch, and breakfast can be hard to grab when you're running out the door. Enter, protein cookies. They are delicious and a great on-the-go option in the morning. The apple cinnamon flavor can't be beat. But wait, there's protein in them too! Check out this super quick and easy recipe that you can meal prep at the beginning of the week and not have to think about what you're eating for breakfast the whole week. Ingredients: 1 cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 1/2 cup ....

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  • Muscle Soreness

    When your first getting started with an exercise routine, your bound to find some new muscles you haven't felt in a while! That is ok, it's apart of the process, but what do you do? Just throw in the towel? No way, we know you're stronger than that. It will be an adjustment the first week or so, but we assure you, your body will adapt if you stay consistent. Here is our top tips for dealing with the soreness when your just getting into a new workout routine: 1. Stay active . - Sounds counter intuitive, but when you're sore, keep moving and your body will break up the lactic acid that is causing the soreness. You do not, need to stop working out, but it doesn't have to be intense ....

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  • Why 85% of people gain their weight back

    Why 85% of people gain their weight back

    Losing weight is the top reason we see people get into a health and fitness program. They hire personal trainers in the area, they do a weight loss nutrition program, they look for the best diets to lose weight. And many times, they succeed. But the problem is, 85% of the time, they succeed... to only go backwards shortly after. They gain the weight back that they just lost, they go back to their old habits, and many times find themselves in a worse position then they where before. Do you know why this happens? The #1 reason that people gain their weight back , is because they try too hard! You heard that right, they try and do too much. Sounds counter to what most would think, ....

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  • Consistency


    Danny here from RAW Fit , and man do I have a confession to make. Being a fitness professional, you would think I eat nothing but green things, things that taste a little like dirt, with some lean proteins thrown in there. And on any given week, I do try to eat a lot of really healthy things. But.... That's not always the case. And with it being pumpkin spice season, I gave in... a few times 🤭 Over the weekend, I gave into some pumpkin spiced latte, pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling, and some pumpkin spice/chocolate covered almonds. Pumpkin spice turned into no will power what so ever! Lol, you combine that with stress of some big projects ....

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  • Eat This Much To Lose Weight

    Eat This Much To Lose Weight

    Does it fit your Macros? How many calories should I eat? Should I do low carb or keto? These are some of the most common questions we help answer for people when it comes to weight loss. I am sure you had some of these same questions too at some point. Well there is one key thing you can do to really personalize your nutrition to help ensure you get results. It's what is called your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). When you find out your bmr, you will then know how much you should actually be eating based on your goal. What the BMR is, is it shows how much calories your body needs on a daily basis just to function. So that means, all of the things your ....

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  • Improve The Gut For Improved Weight Loss

    Improve The Gut For Improved Weight Loss

    Everyday, people are trying to do things like... Eating less Working out more Spending countless hours in the kitchen Trying the next "magical pill" Many of these can help with getting SOME results, but most of them are not sustainable, and do not fix some of the root causes of weight issues and health issues. There is many reasons why people struggle with the way they feel they look in the mirror, but there is one thing that most healthy, and lean people have. And that one thing is.... A healthy gut So much of the magic for the body happens in the gut. Much of your immune system, feel good hormones, AND benefits to the metabolism can happen in ....

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  • 3 Weight Loss Workout Tips!

    3 Weight Loss Workout Tips!

    3 Weight Loss Workout Tips! How long do you need to work out to get results? How often do I need to workout to get results? Most people believe they need to workout for hours every day. But most people don't have time to do that, nor do they need to. Learning the secrets to a simple, and efficient workout is the key to success. When it comes to weight loss, strength training is the most important factor in your training routine. But to get the most out of your time, here are a few other tips you can use to design the most efficient and effective workout with a busy schedule. Use a circuit style training. This is where you combine 2+ exercises together and do them back ....

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  • Supplements To Help Improve Weight Loss!

    Supplements To Help Improve Weight Loss!

    In yesterday's article we gave you our first supplement to help you lose more weight. If you missed it you can check it out here: click here for first fat loss supplement Supplement for Weight Loss Today we have another nutrition supplement to help you with your weight loss goals! Our second supplement for weight loss is.... Prebiotic Fiber! Say what!?!? Many are probably wondering what that is. Prebiotic fiber is a type of fiber that helps the gut, and specifically the gut bacteria to flourish! Everything starts with gut health, so when we can improve the health of the gut and digestion, everything else will generally fall into place. Especially when we are trying ....

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