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It's a challenging time for local small businesses like ours, but we're here to prove that our community is stronger together.

How the 21-Day Raw Fitness At-Home Challenge Works

1. You make a donation in the amount of your choice. ($20, $50, $100)

- 70% of that donation will be used to purchase gift cards from local small businesses. (Then we'll give the gift card to you, when you complete the challenge.)

- 30% of that donation will be used to help insure that the extra costs of Raw Fitness are covered to put this all on.

2. You get access to our 21 day At-Home Program

- Our program comes with a daily workout. These are created to push you but easily modifiable for any fitness level.

- Daily nutrition work to help you improve your nutritional habits during this time as well trim your waistline.

- Coaching accountability through the app. We will check in with you often as well as you’ll have weekly measurements to update as well to help show the progress you are having.

- Your kids/significant other are welcome to join you on this program so you can all stay healthy and accountable.

3. If you complete 90% of your daily check-ins, you choose your favorite local small business and we will give them 70% of your donation by buying a giftcard for you.

It's a truly a win-win-win:

- You stay active and healthy during these crazy times AND get a giftcard to your favorite local business.

- Your favorite business gets some much needed cash flow during these difficult times.

- You get a chance to make improvements to your health while you have the extra down time at home.

Why We're Doing This

At Raw Fitness, our core values are C.H.A.N.G.E. The G in that stands for Give 1st.

We believe in supporting people no matter what it is. If it’s supporting them losing weight, supporting their fitness endeavors or supporting their careers. We spend a lot of time doing philanthropic things throughout the year and this is just one more way we can help.

We started Raw Fitness 5 years ago to help my community become happier, healthier, & stronger together.

At Raw Fitness, we are more than just 4 walls with some equipment inside them. We are local fitness leaders who really care about our community. During these stressful times, we are looking to deliver you some happiness through fitness as an investment in the future of our community & our business.

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