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Group Fitness near Washington


Group Fitness near Washington


Group Fitness near Washington

Landice R.

Group Fitness near Washington

Julie C.

Kari Smith Howitt

Amazing! Pushed me hard and I have never done a class before! David is awesome!...

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Lea Bugbee-Walkowski

I love the Trainers and family you receive here. The coaching goes above and beyond to help you succeed. I highly recommend Raw Fitness. In every class, I find that we support each other no one is eve...

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What To Expect During Your First Visit At Raw Fitness?

TOUR OF RAW FITNESS - During your first visit to Raw Fitness, we will give you all the details on who we are and our programs! Learn about everything we offer, and the importance of our heart rate monitoring system.

INTRODUCTION TO OUR TRAINERS - Before you begin, we will introduce you to our elite certified trainers and coaches. They will walk you through everything you need to know, including how to operate the equipment, how to read the heart rate screens and what the heat, fire and burn paces are.

5-MINUTE WARM UP - Start your class with an easy 5-minute warm up. This will allow you to loosen up your body and prepare you for successful workout!

HIIT AND STRENGTH TRAINING SESSION - After your 5-minute warm-up, we will begin the rest of your 45 minute HIIT and Strength Training session. We like to keep things fresh, so no workout will ever be the same!

5-MINUTE COOL DOWN - You completed your first Raw Fitness class! Rest, recover, and stretch with a 5-minute cool-down.

Group Fitness near Washington

Group Fitness

Our group fitness program helps you deliver on your weight loss goals. From start to finish, our professional and compassionate team at Raw Fitness will help you create a personalized workout plan and a nutrition plan to match your aspirations, then give you the tools you need to follow through.

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Strength Fitness near Washington

Strength Training

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, strength training is a powerful tool for enhancing your athletic performance, losing weight, and boosting your metabolism. Join us at Raw Fitness and discover what truly accessible strength training looks like -- compassionate coaches, individualized workouts, and a strength program designed for you.

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Group Fitness near Washington

Online Training

Stay Fit, Reduce Stress, & Belong to a Healthy Online Community, While Supporting Local Small Businesses (All From the Comfort of Your Own Home)

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