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  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Happy Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! Your place to find Black Friday deals for gyms near Washington Twp. Michigan! We want to continue to provide a safe and clean place for our community to focus on health and fitness, so we are providing a few awesome deals that you don't want to miss out on! Purchase $100 Gift Card Get additional $25! (click "Shop Online") Start our 21 Day Trial for only $21! (click "Sign Up") Save $300 and Purchase 12 Month Membership for the price of 10 months! (limited to first 8 People) (click "Sign Up") 50% off a MyZone Belt! (click "Shop Online") Click below to take advantage of your hot gym Black Friday Deals! Black ....

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  • Free Workout

    Free Workout

    Try out one of our recorded Cardio and Core Bodyweight Workouts with Coach Steve right here at RAW ! Enjoy! By the way, did you know that our First Session (virtually or in person), is always Free?? Head over here to sign up for your first class! First Class Free ....

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  • Immunity Up, Stress Down

    Immunity Up, Stress Down

    A strong immune system is more important now than ever.... and so is lowering our stress levels. It is an odd time in our world, and it is important that we keep our body, and mind healthy right now. When it comes to decreasing our stress, and improving our immune system, there is no better way to knock out two birds with one stone then to exercise. I know exercise isn't always a sexy topic, but in our sedentary lifestyles, we all know the importance of getting some activity in during the day. This doesn't always have to be high intensity, it can be anything from yard work, walks, yoga, strength training, bike riding, golfing, or simply parking further away at the grocery store. And, ....

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  • Love Your Body and Be Proactive to Cancer

    Love Your Body and Be Proactive to Cancer

    We live in a world of sickness and stress. Instead of waiting until it's too late, we wanted to help you with taking a more proactive approach to living a healthy and happy life full of wellness. Check out our presentation called "Love Your Body" with our proactive approach to battling cancer, with our owner Danny Mullen, and Brooke Brewer! Check it out right here! First Class is always FREE here at RAW Sign up for your first session free: First Session Free ....

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  • How to make exercise easier

    How to make exercise easier

    We all know just how important exercise is for our well-being, especially now that it has been shown that overweight and unfit people are at a greater risk from coronavirus, but for a lot of us, exercise isn’t easy. There are those people who love hitting the gym and those of us who look at it as more of a form of torture. If you’re one of the latter, could it be that you just aren’t setting yourself up for a fun and easy exercise session? There are loads of things you can do to make exercise easier, and even potentially enjoyable, and they could change your life. That's why we try here at RAW Fitness to implement this as much as we can in our group training and ....

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  • Exercising with Knee Pain

    Exercising with Knee Pain

    Exercising is a great way to live a healthier and happier life. We all know, and understand that. But what do we do when we don't think we can exercise due to pain? Pain is no joke, particularly when it comes to joint pain. One of the most common ailments we see, and work with here at RAW Fitness in Washington Township is knee pain. Learning how to exercise with knee pain can be a challenge for most, but it doesn't have to be. There are ways to not only exercise with knee pain, but also to limit knee pain, and improve knee pain so that we can get back to being active, and pain free. That is what we want to share with you today, some ideas and strategies for overcoming knee pain, and ....

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  • 7 Minute Workout

    7 Minute Workout

    It's August, we are all traveling, getting ready for kids school to start, prepping for Labor Day. It can be a busy time, and as we all know, gyms in Michigan are not running on all cylinders like they where last August. So, we know we may be stressed for time, trying to pop in and figure out some workout structure we can do while we are running around, or traveling. We wanted to hook you up and give you access to one of our 7-10 minute workouts we are doing for our members weekly if your in a time crunch. Here is Coach David, and his mom, (don't worry, she wasn't held captive to do it, she loves getting her RAW workouts in!) and he will run you through a pretty grueling 7 minute ....

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  • Favorite Sleep and Stress Hack

    Favorite Sleep and Stress Hack

    We all know the importance of sleep. We also know how important it is to limit our stress during the day. Did you know that your sleep hormones, and your stress hormones are inversely related? When one goes up, the other naturally will drop. So, given the times, we wanted to give you one of our favorite life hacks to help you improve your sleep, and lower your stress response. Best part is it only takes a minute or so a day! Check out this quick 1 minute video from Coach Danny: ....

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  • Smoothies 101

    Summer Time! Summer comes with a lot of fun activities, swimming, boating, laying on the beach, and well... some cocktails! But, we also are blessed to have an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies. Since it is warmer out, it is also very refreshing to load up on some nutrients with a nutrient packed smoothie. Lucky for you, we have a ton of recipes to share with you! Not only that, but we also incorporated, how to create your own nutrient packed smoothie that is just right with balancing taste, portions, and nutrients. Simply, click the button to let us know where to send you these tasty treats! ....

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