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  • Monday Motivation

    Monday Motivation

    Motivation and summer don’t always play well together.⚔️ Summer is awesome for the mind…not always for our health. We tend to lose a little focus and motivation during the summer months. How many years have gone by at the end of summer we are more than ready to get our health back on track.🤢🤢 Well what if we can do both! Have our summer fun and still keep our structured motivation. We know how much fun all the summer events and trips can be, and we encourage our RAW Fit Fam to enjoy the summer and have fun. So, we want to help you enjoy your summer and get that 🔥 again. Here is our top tips for getting motivated again during the summer months. Tip #1 ....

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  • Healthy Summer Tips

    Healthy Summer Tips

    Summer is thee BEST!!! 🏖️🌞 At least to a few of us here at RAW . And, with summer season here, it comes with some summer fun. We are all about having balance and fun here at RAW, but we also work with so many that struggle with loosing sight of their health during the summer, and really regret how they feel after. We don't want that for you! So, today we wanted to share with you some of our most favorite healthy summer tips so that you can still enjoy your summer, but keep your energy and health up, and your weight down. Here is our top tips for resisting that summer "keg" if you know what I mean! 1. Eat a small protein based meal before you go, to help keep those ....

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  • Staying Active with Knee Pain

    Staying Active with Knee Pain

    Knee pain is a drag. But it doesn't have to stop us from living a healthy and active lifestyle. We know the importance of staying active, to keep our body and mind healthy, our weight at a manageable level, and to perform everyday life at a high level. But it can be tough to do when dealing with pain every day. Helping people overcome joint pain is one of our passions, and have had the privilege to help so many of our members live a better quality of life through pain management. Here are some of our top tips for dealing with knee pain and building a stronger body to live life the way it was intended, happy and active! Before throwing in the towel on being active, our first ....

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  • How Nutrition Can Impact Your Sleep

    How Nutrition Can Impact Your Sleep

    Sleep is such a popular topic. It makes sense, we sleep a 1/3rd of our lives. Kinda crazy, right? So, it should be of high priority if we want to live a high quality life considering we spend so much time doing it. Lack of sleep can manifest into many things: Low energy Lack of focus Crave sugar Weight gain Irritability Lack of sleep could be to blame for many unwanted habits. Here is our Top 5 ways to use Nutrition tips for better sleep quality. ....

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  • Nutrition's Relationship with Hunger Hormones

    Nutrition's Relationship with Hunger Hormones

    Are you hungry? But then other times, you have no appetite? Hunger, and lack of hunger, is one of the most common situations for people with issues with metabolic hormones. Find out why this happens, and our top 5 natural nutrition tips to help hunger hormones. Check it out: ....

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  • Nutrition's Relationship with Sex (hormones)

    Nutrition's Relationship with Sex (hormones)

    Sex can be great... :) But our sex hormones can suck sometimes! Last week we dove into Nutrition's Relationship with Stress Hormones , if you missed it, we recommend to start with that video, as stress hormone imbalance usually is the biggest precursor in terms of hormone imbalance that leads to other hormone imbalances. Check out week 1: Nutrition's Relationship with Stress Hormones Sex hormones are Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. As we age, we change lifestyle habits, and are under a lot of stress our sex hormones can get really thrown out of whack. This can lead to things such as: Lower energy levels Lower libido Higher body fat Less muscle mass, strength, and ....

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  • Nutrition's Relationship with Stress

    Nutrition's Relationship with Stress

    We get questions all the time about hormones, and how they relate to nutrition. At RAW , we are doing a hormone program during the month of April. So we wanted to create some content to help educate everyone on hormones, and how the specifically relate with nutrition. We have a lot of info to share with you, so we hope you can find the info on how nutrition effects hormones useful. This first week we dove into nutrition and stress. How nutrition effects stress, and stress effects our nutrition. So if you live a high stress life, this one is for you. But, if you tend to have other issues with hormones like sex hormones (estrogen/testosterone), metabolic hormones like thyroid, and ....

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  • 33 Day Spring Slimdown Transformation Challenge

    Click HERE To Start Your Transformation! What You'll Get ​FAST Fat Loss: We've become Washington Township's transformation experts by helping people like you overcome struggles and discover the lean, healthy body they deserve. ​Build Strength and Endurance With Up To 5 Days a week of Group Personal Training. This will help you get more toned and athletic with customizations for your fitness level and unique goals. ​ Proven meal plans with easy recipes that make it simple to get started. Accountability that helps you overcome struggles and makes sure you follow through. A New Group Of Gym Friends that will support you and help you look forward to your workouts. ​ Build ....

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  • 30 Day Women's Hormone Challenge

    30 Day Women's Hormone Challenge

    Ladies, who here struggles with their hormones? How about loving yourself? This last year was T O U G H, I hear ya! But we are strong powerful and beautiful women, and it is time to take back control! Starting April 4/5 (first Monday of April) for 30 days, I will be running a challenge that is specifically targeted to support your hormones, increase your energy and affirm yourself you are perfect!!!! There will be supplements, specific things to eliminate and daily affirmations! Sign up by filling out the form to Request More Information Above! ....

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