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Getting Back On Track with Your Fitness Goals

February 01, 20243 min read

Getting Back On Track with Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever found yourself starting the year with a bang, full of motivation and determination to achieve your fitness goals, only to find yourself falling back into old habits? Don't worry, you're not alone! In a recent podcast episode, Brooke and Danny shared some valuable tips on how to get back on track with your fitness goals when you feel like you're losing your way.

One of the first things they emphasized was the importance of revisiting your New Year's resolutions. Take a moment to remind yourself of why you set those goals in the first place. Was it to improve your overall health? To boost your confidence? Whatever the reason, keeping that in mind will help reignite your motivation.

Another tip they shared was to start small. Often, when we fall off track, we try to make drastic changes all at once, which can be overwhelming and unsustainable. Instead, focus on making small, manageable changes to your routine. For example, start by committing to a 10-minute workout every day or swapping out sugary snacks for healthier alternatives.

Accountability is also key. Find a workout buddy or join a fitness community where you can share your progress and challenges. Having someone to hold you accountable and offer support can make a world of difference in staying on track.

Lastly, don't beat yourself up over slip-ups. It's natural to have setbacks along the way. The important thing is to acknowledge them, learn from them, and get back on track. Remember, progress is not always linear, it takes time.

Check out the full details in this week's episode here:


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